"Your heart is your key to spiritual growth. Open it."

Open Heart Chakra Crystal Pendant & 925 Silver Chain

Get your Open Heart Chakra Crystal today & unlock the healing power of your heart, with your own energetically charged rose quartz healing pendant charged weekly by me, Yogi Ricky Mathieson!

Distant Charged Weekly
All rose quartz heart healing pendants are energetically charged every Sunday with the healing power of Source.
The Gift of Love
Show them you care and express your compassionate side with a gift of love for your loved ones to suit any occasion.
Cleanses and Heals
Your open heart crystal pendant releases negative energy and emotional burdens from your heart for deep healing.
Enhanced with Silver
Silver attracts & retains the qualities emitted by gemstones, reflects negativity from the wearer and enhances healing.

Healing Power of Rose Quartz Crystals

This beautiful pendant consists of a heart shaped gemstone made from pure Rose quartz, one of the most popular crystals used for healing and famous for attracting love and positive energy. No other crystal or stone has the same healing power of rose quartz when it comes to dissolving emotional pain from the heart. Used in Feng Shui as a love cure, rose quartz is best worn upon the heart as a pendant to help release pain and negative emotions from your heart. 

The complementing 925 sterling silver necklace is a precious metal containing metaphysical properties that aid healing. Silver is used extensively with gemstones as it attracts and retains the qualities emitted by the stones. Often used in altars, magical tools and amulets, silver is known to enhance psychic abilities. According to research from mainstream science, pure silver has potent healing abilities and has been used to heal mild to serious medical conditions for hundreds of years and is still used medically to this day. 

When silver is used with the healing power of quartz, the healing properties of both are greatly amplified. All gemstones are sent to you in a beautiful gift box, fully cleansed and charged with potent healing energy by me, Yogi Ricky Mathieson, and distant charged with loving energy every Sunday to further intensify the healing power of this gift of love.
"Although the crystal may be used for mind to mind communications, its higher purpose is in the service of humanity for the removal of pain and suffering." - Dr. Marcel Joseph Vogel
Who was Dr. Marcel Joseph Vogel?
Dr. Marcel Joseph Vogel (1917-1991), an expert in luminescence,  magnetics, and liquid crystal systems, was a senior research scientist for IBM for 27 years and has numerous patented inventions. Dr. Vogel is a little known individual who's work has contributed significantly towards the development of humanity.
In the 1970's Dr. Vogel's pioneering research showed the ability of plants to respond to human communication. His work led him to study the healing power of quartz crystals.
Dr. Vogels research included the therapeutic application of quartz crystal to amplify thought energy and intention to produce the healing energy needed in the treatment of illness and disease.
At the core of Dr. Vogels research into the ability of quartz crystal to influence the human energy field and improve health was an appreciation of the ability of unconditional love to trigger transformative shifts in a patients psyche, health and well-being.
The Healing Power of Quartz Crystals!
The word crystal comes from the Greek word 'krystallos', meaning frozen light. Used in electronics to store information, quartz crystal is capable of storing and projecting energy.
Dr. Vogels research into quartz showed that a human being was able to interact and communicate with crystals and influence the healing vibrational rate of quartz crystals using the healing power of thought and intention.
According to Dr. Vogel, once quartz crystal has stopped growing, the intelligence matrix of the crystal disappears and leaves the crystal as an empty shell which we can interact with and enliven using our own energy.
When quartz crystals are enlivened with the power of unconditional love, a deeply healing and transformative state of being may be achieved by the person coming in contact with it which can heal illness and disease and also help to expand the consciousness into altered states of heightened awareness.
Your Heart is the Key to Improving Health!
Your heart is the key to good health, well-being and spiritual growth. Your Open Heart Chakra Crystal is programmed to help open your heart so that it may release the emotional pain and burdens that are a block to good health and happiness.
All Open Heart Crystals are designed to enhance and improve meditation, healing, psychic communication, spiritual guidance, fortune and love and will help expand the healing power and potential of your heart when worn upon your chest.
Many wearers of this healing pendant are well aware of the calming effects created upon body and mind and the harmony created as a result of bringing the self into proper balance.
Perfect for a loved one as a thoughtful gift yet powerful enough for deep healing and spiritual growth, this beautiful pendant has the potential to make it's wearer feel a sense of wholeness, completeness & unity with the world around them.  
Product Feedback
“…an elegant and beautiful gift. I love it.” – Rebecca McKenzie
“Awesome idea and nicely presented. Looks good on me.” – Elaine WIlson
Healing Reviews
"Best in his field!!! Lovely person to be around very calming with a spiritual presence. He has helped heal me and leaves me feeling so calm and peaceful after. I highly recommend 10/10!" Peace and love Char xxxxx
Bring yours home now, open the healing power of your heart, and begin your healing transformation today!
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